SWLA High School eSports League - Overwatch Season 1

Below you’ll find the calendar for all the events related to the SWLA Overwatch League. You’ll also find several useful links for gathering information about the league, and registration forms for the Middle School and High School JV Leagues which are still open to new teams!

Varsity is locked in but we can still accommodate more Middle School and High School JV teams. Use the widgets below to register your team for the inaugural season of Overwatch!

Click here for a quick reference/FAQ sheet for the league:

Click here to view the in-depth ruleset for Overwatch:

Click here to join the private Discord Channel for players and coaches: (This is only for registered players, coaches, and faculty sponsors, and you must have a verified email address and consent form on file.)

Click here to join the public Discord Channel for fans and parents:

Click here for a direct link to the Calendar embedded above:

These widgets will take you to the Toornament site for the specific leage where you’ll no doubt find all the information you’ll need. You can also register your team here.